A team of multi-discplined professionals coming together to keep Long Island's water safe and plentiful.

Since its inception in 1951, the Long Island Water Conference has touched all phases of water supply and management in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Members include the major water suppliers, both public and private, on Long Island. Together they serve virtually 90 percent of the bi-county area, which has a population greater than 20 states.

While membership was originally limited to commissioners and officials of districts, villages, cities, towns, authorities and investor-owned companies, the Water Conference was expanded to include water superintendents. Further growth brought in attorneys, consulting engineers, officials of various governmental regulatory agencies, representatives of Nassau and Suffolk Health Departments, NY State Department of Environmental Conservation, United States Geological Survey and manufacturers and contractors connected with water supply operations. Each makes a vital contribution to the complete water supply industry.

Members of the Long Island Water Conference possess extensive knowledge and experience in the five major phases of public water supply:

  1. Pumpage from deep wells to approximately two and one-half million residents

  2. Storage for fire fighting purposes and meeting maximum day demands

  3. Treatment and quality control;

  4. Distribution for commercial, industrial, residential and firematic use

  5. Administration and water resource management



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Chuck Savinetti

Locust Valley Water District

Chuck Savinetti has spent more than 30 years with the Locust Valley Water District, occupying the position of superintendent for the past 25. Additionally, Mr. Savinetti has also been a volunteer firefighter at the Locust Valley Fire Department for 33 years. He has been a member of the Long Island Water Conference for 24 years and a member of the American Water Works Association for 30 years. Chuck lives in Locust Valley, the town where he was born and raised, with his wife and two kids.


Ty Fuller

1st Vice-Chairman
Suffolk County Water Authority

Ty Fuller brings 15 years of environmental project management, with a specialization in construction and reconditioning of water wells and groundwater monitoring to the LIWC Board of Directors. Mr. Fuller joined the SCWA following completion of his undergraduate studies in 2000, where his keen insight into conservation and maintenance of water wells led him to the role of Lead Hydrogeologist in 2015 and Director of Strategic Initiatives in 2016. In these roles, Mr. Fuller works directly with the SCWA CEO on matters related to implementing the Authority’s Ten Year Strategic Business Plan – 2025, further developing and implementing the Authority’s water conservation initiative, participating as a project assistant on the implementation of the mobile workforce initiative, and coordinating the activities of the GIS division as it relates to data gathering and water use.


Richard Passariello

2nd Vice-Chairman
Roslyn Water District

Rich Passariello has been the superintendent of the Roslyn Water District since 1998. Rich started his career in 1989 working for the Garden City Park Water District where he worked up to the position of supervisor of Water Plant Operations. He currently holds a 1A and D New York State Operator Certification. Rich has also served on the New York State chapter of the American Water Works Association’s education committee and is currently the chairman of the Long Island Water Conference’s comprehensive planning committee.


Andrew Bader

Plainview Water District

Andrew Bader is an enrolled agent at Mercury Tax Service, Inc. by trade, but he has been involved with the water industry for nearly a decade. In 2010, Mr. Bader was elected as a Commissioner at the Plainview Water District—a position that he still holds today. He is also the former President of the Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioner’s Association and a member of both the American Water Works Association and Long Island Water Conference.


Stan Carey

Ralph D. Pugliese

Michael O'Connell

Michael Levy

Arnold Palleschi - Treasurer

Sue Jannace - Corresponding Secretary