Advisory Committee To The Regulatory Agencies
Co-Chairman:  J. Robert Holzmacher, P.E.
Co-Chairman:  John Kilpatrick
Will communicate with and report on the actions of various regulatory agencies, stressing the views and protecting the interests of the conference membership.

Chairman: Sue Jannace
Make arrangements for monthly and special meetings

Bylaws Revision
Co-Chairman: Michael Ingham
Co-Chairman: John Mirando, P.E.
P.E. Review and update organization’s bylaws as needed.

Comprehensive Planning
Chairman: Richard Passariello
Promote mutual aid among water suppliers. Participate in review and comment on water related plans of various governmental agencies.

Drinking Water Standards
Chairman: Paul J. Ponturo, P.E.
Review and report on legal significance of pending revisions and/or additions to drinking water standards promulgated by various governing agencies.

Education Workshops
Chairman: Joseph H. Baier, P.E.
Arrange demonstrations and discussions of products, ideas and technology for all members.

Health & Welfare
Chairman:  Michael W. Weber, P.E.

Michael Ingham, Esq.
Provide guidance for the conference.

Co-Chairman: Paul J. Granger, P.E.
Co-Chairman: Stan Carey
Review and report on national, state and country legislation relating to water supply. Promote beneficial legislation.

Chairman: Sue Jannace
Co-Chairman: PJ Connell
Co-Chairman: Tim Motz
Promote and stimulate growth of the conference and report of current status.

Chairman: Joseph J. Todaro, P.E.
Prepare programs and meetings.

Public Relations
Chairman: Dennis M. Kellher, P.E.
Co-Chairman:  Tim Motz
Provide favorable information to all media about the conference, its actions and goals.

Water Supply Coordinating
Co-Chairman:  Frank Koch, P.E.
Co-Chairman:  Greg Sachs
Promote and report on new ideas and maintain records that will be useful to water suppliers.

Young Professionals Committee
Chairman:  Steven Laun, P.E.